I'm Nathan Arnold

Here is my story

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Life was far from easy as a child

I was born 26 July 1987. I was born into a family where there was me, my mother, my nan, and my sister. I was the only male in the household, my father was absent, and I didn't go on to meet my father until I was 20.

I was exposed to domestic violence from an early age, my earliest memory I was 4 years old. 


My grades were suffering, and I was getting into trouble at school. I had an identity crisis and as a result of trying to fit in I was having a hard time figuring out who I were and where I belong. Outside school I had to fight my way out of situations and faced countless situations where I experienced racism. 

I went down the wrong path


A stranger changed my life forever

The only way I could express myself as a child was when I had a football at my feet. I used to kick a ball against a wall near my house and on this particular evening a man pulled up, rolled his window down and invited me to play organised sport. This stranger was a football coach and he changed my life forever.




Invited to play organised sport, I spent the next 11 years of my life playing for Mansfield Town Fc making my professional debut at 17 years old. I was also called up to represent my country.

Signed a Professional contract


A man gave way to me one morning driving along my street, flashing his lights to let me pass. Little did I know I was staring into my fathers eyes for the very first time.



I gave up trying

I changed my mindset, and it changed my life. I removed people, and things that no longer served me in my life, in order for me to focus and discipline myself to the levels needed to be successful. 

I started to manifest success


Transformation became my purpose

My mother died in 2015. Struggling with Depression, my mother had her own struggles with poor Mental Health for years. It came during a time when I was experiencing great success on the pitch, but off the pitch I was processing coming to terms with her loss. As a result, I suffered a panic attack whilst on holiday in Mexico. I had chronic Anxiety and hypertension that stemmed from all my suppressed emotions and traumas throughout my life. I had an epiphany, venturing into the world of Personal Development and the transformation field where I embarked on a journey of self-healing and transformation became my purpose.


NAC - Nathan Arnold Coaching

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I moved away from Professional football and stopped playing at the age of 30. 

I now offer my support to people from all walks of life as they learn to develop the tools they need to deal with adversity, overcome obstacles, break down fears and build their self-confidence. Nathan Arnold Coaching is a multi service with a blended approach involving Sport and NLP.

In addition, I have worked with schools, colleges, universities, sports teams, prisons and businesses. I have been leading transformational work with prisoners, as well as supporting professionals in a variety of settings.