Fully Qualified Barber

I am a fully trained and qualified Barber with over 10 years experience.

I used to work voluntary in a hairdressers in Mansfield called Nouveau.

I started out washing old ladies hair and was soon promoted as top tea boy and coffee making machine. 

I enjoyed the salon environment, a place where you would always be informed with the latest Tesco prices or what happened on Emmerdale the night before.

One day two guys from sheffield college unexpectedly entered the shop and was inviting people onto a 10-week course in hairdressing & barbering. I decided to give it a go.

It wasn't a fun 10 weeks for me as I experimented on family and friends hair as part of the assignments. Apologising for my shaky hands fitting their gowns and cape reassuring them that I had everything under control.

I did enjoy learning the basics of cutting hair, more so than my best friend and  poor nephews who stepped forward to help me out. I went on to further my development and eventually became a fully qualified barber.


I began with women's hair, assisting my back then, new boss having been employed and collecting £25 in an envelope for a days work.

I enjoyed women's hair, anything from blow dry's and taking rollers out to perms and dry and wet cuts. I did this alongside my full-time job as a footballer which fast tracked my progression when lads at football caught wind and wanted booking in every 3 days.

Over the years moving up and down the country with my playing career, I have never put the scissors down. I love engaging with people getting into the community and having a real insight into people's day to day lives when mobile barbering.


Here below are some of my work over the years and my amazing clients and friends. 

*** Prices start at £7.50