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Our brains are likened to a movie...

Our brains are likened to a movie. Let me explain...

Let me ask you this one question.

How do you think?

Don't worry, you're not alone if you struggled to answer this. It isn't a question you would usually be asked to answer, and I certainly wouldn't expect you to know the answer if you have never been taught how.

The reason why we can't find a simple answer to what seems to be a straight forward question is because we aren't taught how to think. We are taught 'what' to think not 'how' to think, and how to think effectively.

The doctor don't ask you this type of question when you show up. The doctor will examine all of the physical parts of you.

I remember suffering from chronic anxiety when I 'thought' myself into a panic attack time and time again. It often resulted in numerous visits to the hospital, wired to machines and left with feelings of fear and shame. On one occasion after a few nights spent in hospital and the doctor running a series of tests, he arrived at the end of my bed with a great big smile and said "you're a fit, healthy young man. I am pleased to tell you that you're good to go". My heart sank. How could the doctor say I am a fit, healthy young man yet I feel like I'm dying? How can he not see my pain??

This is the moment I should feel relieved, happy and optimistic about my future. Instead, I felt alone, even more confused and uncomfortable in my own skin.

What I realised is that I needed to get to the bottom of the inner turmoil that was preventing me from living my life.

I put training wheels on. I started putting my head in the books and did some soul searching. Searching for answers on how to free myself from the pain that was stealing my future.

And here is what I discovered...

Our thoughts create the way that we feel. The body will send us signs and signals to get our attention when we ignore our feelings and emotions.

Rule #1 Feeling is the secret. This is an indication that there are unhealed parts of us that need attending to.

So back to this question.

How do you think?

Do you see pictures? Are talking to yourself?

So why is our brain like a movie?

Close your eyes and think about a pleasant memory? How are you doing this? What are you noticing?

See, your thoughts have structure. When you have a thought there is a structure to the thought you're experiencing. The structure to these thoughts in other words are 'patterns of thinking'.

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