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This programme as changed a lot of things for me.  think a lot more positive  about my life and future. I've learnt a lot about how to help people change the way they think and I've got tools to help them and myself how to be positive and move forward and forget the past.

I was scared to speak out in front of people. Today I overcame that, I would never have got up and spoke about things before this programme. 

This programme has changed me as a person all round, I can see a future after now.

Nathan, Thank you for all your help and you have changed me as a person for life. I won't forget that.

Prisoner - HMP Lincoln

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Over the past 6 weeks  I have dug deep and had to think a lot about me as a person, how I am, how I want to be and how I can be this new person I want to be and I can honestly say I am on the road to a better me! My mindset has started to change.


Nathan has given me the tools to believe in myself and be positive. I have had good conversations with Nathan about my past and about my good traits that I have and things I didn't believe I had. 


So I have learnt a lot about myself over the last 6 weeks and I really think I can change and that's what I really want to do. I would like to continue to work with Nathan and hopefully tell my own story upon release and be a life coach.

Prisoner - HMP Lincoln

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I wasn't sure to expect before this course on the first day, I was so skeptical. I honestly believe that this has made me a more positive person and a persistent person it's helped me deal with some really difficult situations in my past that has limited me so much. I am more confident in myself in talking in a group, how to express how I feel and explain it. 

I have now got so many tools to use when things don't go my way to help me accept the things I can't change but to focus on the things I can personally take control of.  This has been a rollercoaster of emotions to get to this place I feel I'm now at, but it's been a worrying ride and I'd like to thank Nathan for opening my eyes to what's possible with the right mindset and positive thoughts and outlook.

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I can remember the first day Nathan came to the gym and gave a positive talk and it was different to hear positivity rather than negativity being in prison.


The course itself has changed me to be more pro active in my life and to look differently at situations.


The course has made me look at things in my life and look at it more constructively rather than destructively. 

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This 6 weeks programme isn't what I expected, It's been so much more. I feel as though It's helped my Mental Health. The way I think and even the way I feel. It's given me the confidence to speak more freely / openly / honestly and not to worry about speaking my mind.

It's taught me to be more open and given myself permission to say 'no'. In my first session I think I mentioned this and week 5 this was discussed and along with all the tools I've been give, I feel a lot more confident in saying "no". This one tool on It's own has been worthwhile doing the programme and will change my life beyond anything you could imagine and would be awesome if we could have some kind of ongoing support.

Thank you so much Nathan. It's been life changing!!!

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"I couldn’t correlate Nathan the footballer and the person at times, because he is nothing like you imagine a professional player to be. He’s softly spoken and thoughtful, yes that is true.


He’s clearly very compassionate and sensitive too, something I imagine has made a mark on many people he’s come into contact with. Most of the Imps squad were approachable that season, lots of the boys were great and I wouldn’t say Nathan was different in that respect, but he is different. Respectful, compassionate, understanding, attentive….. it is hard to put your finger on exactly what it is about him. He has an aura, a way of immediately making you feel as though he understands you, as though he cares about you.


The thing is, he does. It isn’t an act or a gift, ever since our first meeting we’ve remained in touch. That demonstrates that it is all very genuine, this man is someone who cares greatly about others".


- Gary Hutchinson (Author - Suited and booted)

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“That was an excellent idea and a very good talk from Nathan. I honestly went away after that assembly feeling inspired by some of the stories, he used to paint a picture – I’ll remember that bamboo story and I myself will use it with our students. He was brilliant.”


                                                   - Aggie Doughty, Pembroke Academy