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Wellness Centre

Former professional football of 14 years, Nathan experienced Chronic anxiety whilst performing at an elite level in front of a crowd around 60,000 people. Nathan advocates for well-being and good mental health and his background in sport, organisational development and people provides knowledge and skills that so many professional's lack when it comes to elite performance.

Nathan Arnold 

A keen advocate of what sport enables in others, Nathan combines both personal experience with a variety of therapeutic techniques ranging from NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming to Thought Field Therapy, and currently working towards Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) Accredited. 

Nathan provides a blend of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, and biological psychology. A holistic approach looking at the whole person, giving ownership back to his clients, empowering, enlightening, and educating individuals helping them improve their thinking. 

Nathan has been working with people from all different backgrounds within his therapy practice. Over the past 6 years Nathan has developed his body of work from bespoke packages for both short term and long term goals to individual sessions. 

Nathan has worked in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, sports teams / athletes, prison service and organisations. "Finding peace in the chaos", has been a popular theme in workshops, alongside "Tools4transformation" which is a 6 week intervention programme to enhance people's ability to manage stress and develop a bullet proof toolkit for personal and professional use. This intervention programme involves a variety of different non-medical tools, methods, and techniques ranging from basic to advanced level. 

How many sessions?

Initial suggestion is six 1-hour sessions over a period of time led by you (usually across 1-3 months).

How much is it?

Investment £50 per session.


Expenses are in addition if face to face 

Please speak with Nathan directly to discuss payment options.

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