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What is NAC's treatment philosophy?

First of all, NAC believes that everyone has equal potential if they receive equal opportunities..

NAC specialises in human behaviour, offering a unique service to help individuals reach their full potential. We help people with limiting Beliefs, habits and phobias, providing effective tools to empower individuals to take back control of their lives and move towards positive change.

Our goal is to address the cause rather than treat the symptom. To eliminate negative unwanted emotions, whilst developing self-awareness and a happier, healthier life for the long term.

You will be given life-changing tools that will bring you immediate results guaranteed. Sub-modality coding gives us control over our internal experience.


Life is a series of learning experiences. Some pleasant and some unpleasant. This tool will help you reframe negative past experiences that are presenting a problem now. 

Our thoughts create the way we feel. Our thoughts have structure and we are not taught how to use our mind effectively. At school we are taught what to think, not 'how' to think and the tools provided will teach you how to restructure the way in which we process our thoughts and as a result it will alter the way we feel. 


30 mins (Online) Zoom call £30

60 mins (Online) Zoom call £50

Call to book your FREE initial assessment before starting your Therapy.

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