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I am a Holistic Therapist

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Nathan Arnold

Progressive NLP

certified NLP Practitioner Training


Market Rasen & Worldwide

Here are just a few things I can help you with;

  • We look at eliminating unwanted negative emotions 

  • I see people both IN PERSON and ONLINE through my therapy and mentoring service. 

  • Better understand yourself and others, who you are, and what you want from your life

  • Deal with phobias, habitual and behavioural patterns, and how to break the cycle

  • Deal with Grief and loss

  • Deal with addictions and how to set yourself free

  • Develop practical tools to best deal with your problem

  • Change the structure of our thoughts which as a result change the way we feel

  • 1:1 sessions for information, advice and guidance

  • A safe space to just talk

  • Work through self-punishment, getting rid of shame & guilt

I help my clients overcome difficult situations that they are dealing with. 

I provide a safe, supportive space for people to build the confidence and trust in order to feel comfortable in opening up about difficult things. 

There really is no topic that can't be discussed!


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