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Group  Coaching one to one


In this partnership, both parties share a responsibility for achieving remarkable and meaningful outcomes. While I strive to create impactful interventions, it is equally important for the team to demonstrate ambition and cultivate a strong drive to achieve peak performance. by doing so, we can attain significant levels of success.

Nathan Arnold 

Challenge your team to be at their best.


Nathan's group coaching service is designed to help your team reach their full potential by providing personalised coaching sessions that focus on team building, communication, and leadership skills. Our experienced coaches will challenge your team to be at their best and work together to achieve your goals. Join us today to unlock your team's full potential.

  • A heightened level of understanding of individuals within the team – motivations and values

  • Higher personal levels of self-awareness and social awareness (impact on others)

  • ​​​A focus  on core objectives and achievement

  • Developing resilience to enhance effective techniques to navigate challenges 

The most important aspect is understanding specifics of where you are right now and what you are trying to achieve, and why. A studious and deliberate diagnostic enables the effective measurement of progress at the end of the intervention(s).

Get in touch with Nathan to talk through your team ambitions and establish how he can help on 07506803375 or click the link to email Nathan directly.

How many interventions?

Can be a single intervention. A minimum of three interventions recommended for considerable impact.

How much is it?

Investment £1,250 + vat per intervention.

Expenses are in addition if face to face. 

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