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"I am here to help improve your thinking".


The agenda is yours!

Leadership, Individual, specific. The agenda is yours! Nathan's approach is to facilitate your thinking.


Whether you're facing personal or professional challenges, Nathan provides a non-judgemental space to discuss your concerns and explore effective solutions. Regardless of your goals, Nathan leverages your wisdom and experience to provide insightful analysis, thought-provoking challenges, valuable advice, and support for taking timely action. 


By working closely with Nathan in a one-to-one setting, individuals can receive personalised attention, feedback, and accountability, which can accelerate growth and development. The coaching process is typically structured, with regular sessions that allow for ongoing progress monitoring and adjustments to ensure the individual's success.

For businesses, evaluating the return on investment is crucial, providing those I work with to make informal decisions and maximise overall success. 


Coaching foundations with BCA -The Institute of Leadership.

Get in touch with Nathan to talk through your agenda and establish how he can help on 07506803375

How many sessions?

Initial suggestion is six 2-hour sessions over a time period led by you (usually across 3-6 months).

How much is it?

Investment £120 per session.


Expenses are in addition if face to face. 

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