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"My teacher gave me the best gift of all...

Believing in me!"

Nathan is able to share his personal experiences and expertise in the field of Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Now best known as a motivational speaker and wellness expert, Nathan is currently the Managing Director of Nathan Arnold Coaching Ltd and is also an associate for Independent Thinking - A one-stop-shop for inspirational and challenging education speakers, trainers and authors. 

We provide a number of services in schools and have been heavily involved with headteachers, teachers, students and parents. Having worked closely in schools over the past 5 years we discovered the challenges schools face and we look at helping organisations find solutions to their problems. 

School culture - staff contribution and providing the care and support that is needed for overall well being and mental health. Ensuring effective approaches to professional learning and development. 

The work of school leaders is complex and challenging. At the root, leadership is a problem-solving process and that the problems leaders face in schools are some of the most challenging you can find.


Twilight sessions

Improving the quality of teaching and providing a well being service to educators.

We provide both face to face and online interactive sessions with sharp, practical training on specific aspects of mental health, well being, and effective leadership. These sessions provide valuable tools to take away for both personal and professional implementation.

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