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What is The Healing Space Experience?


The Healing Space Experience is designed to create a safe space where you can be part of this wonderful community of like-minded people who become like a family.


The Healing Space is literally a room to heal. We are dedicated to creating a healing atmosphere for people in our community. We are passionate about inspiring and supporting people to become the best version of themselves, and provide a variety of services to help them achieve that.


Our team consists of various practitioners who bring a wealth of experience to create a unique offering to the community.

Our goal is to foster a safe, non-judgmental space for people to come together.

- Small intimate group sessions which include a variety of healing therapy techniques, including meditation, sound healing, breath work, and many more.


Our approach is combining a blend of therapy and mentoring designed for a unique experience.

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You will be stretched but held.


An intimate, safe space to go all in and discover more about yourself than ever before. Here you will let go of the emotional baggage you have been carrying and reveal the real, authentic YOU!

The Healing Space is a growing community that holds the space for people to regularly take care of their wellbeing. This loving, supportive community is a place of belonging and connection. There will be both online and in person sessions, a closed facebook group, peer support, and access to all the practitioners.

The practitioners coming together in this way creates a community within a community.
You may organically find a practitioner that you’re drawn to. It really is a space to
explore and find the right community for you with no expectations.

The Healing Space is led by The Healing Community team of practitioners.
Across the 3 FREE Taster sessions the team of practitioners will all share their wealth of
knowledge, success stories, and personal experiences with you.
The idea of bringing a team of practitioners together in this way is what makes The
Healing Space unique. The biggest strength within The Healing Community team is that
they love people unconditionally and place people at the heart of what they do.

Meet The Healing Community Team Of Practitioners

Chris Konrath - (Lincoln)
I’m a mental health practitioner working with children and young people for the NHS. In
my private practice, I hold space for those wishing to explore and maximise their own
potential with breathwork and cold immersion therapy.

Nathan Arnold - (Market Rasen)
I specialise in Emotional & Mind management. I help my clients overcome typical
issues such as anxiety, worries, and negative emotional states. By taking a holistic
approach to therapy, I enable people to gain a better understanding of their thought
processes and how to use their minds more effectively. Some of the Therapeutic
techniques I use are Reiki, NLP and Thought Field Therapy (Tapping). I also mentor people, supporting them through personal development programmes.

Steven Blake - (Lincoln)
Steven is the creator of OldPain2Go a method of helping people release themselves
from chronic pain by understanding how their mind and body work together and working
out and eliminating the cause of why the pain is staying. Typically only one treatment is

Debbie Ison - (Welton)
Hi, I am Debbie Ison of Tranquil Awakenings. I am an advanced hypnotherapist
and therapy trainer who is trained in a number of therapies. I believe that we all have
unique needs therefore I combine the therapies that I am trained in in a bespoke way to
assist each of my clients in transforming their lives through dealing with the past,
acknowledging their present, and building towards their future.

Peter Ison - (Welton)
Hi, I'm Peter Ison of Tranquil Awakenings, a therapist and well-being facilitator
trained in multiple techniques.I primarily focus on the gentler energy healing modalities
such as sound therapy and reiki and add in other techniques such as NLP and eye
movement therapy as and when required to help people get where they need to be.


We keep it small, and intimate. Everyone gets direct attention from their own coach and there is nowhere to hide out in large crowds. This is NOT a “sit and take notes” type of event—while there will be moments of lecture and plenty of things you’ll want to note down—YOU are the workshop. This is experiential work that goes beyond the mind, and moves into what is showing up in your body.

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